Easy Time Tracking with Toggl

Enhance your Toggl experience on iOS with Timery! From starting your favorite timers with one tap to managing your projects and tags, Timery brings you easy time tracking with Toggl. Timery works with your existing free or paid Toggl setup but is developed independently of Toggl.

Saved Timers

Save your most used Toggl timers and start them with one tap.

Time Entries

Manage your past week’s time entries, start duplicates, and manually add new entries.

Edit Time Entries

Edit the project, description, tags, and start & stop times for your time entries.

Timery Club

Timery is free to use on a limited basis: save up to four timers, manage the four latest time entries today (the rest for the past week are read-only), edit the current time entry, and add new projects and tags.

With a $0.99 monthly or $9.99 yearly subscription (which includes a one-week free trial), join the Timery Club and unlock all the app’s functionality. You’ll also be helping support the app and future development (thank you!).

More Features

More things in Timery to help you track your time. Whatever projects you’re tracking your time for, I hope you have a good time tracking with Timery.

Manage Projects & Tasks

Add, edit, and delete your Toggl projects and tasks. (Requires Timery Club)

Manage Tags

Add, edit, and delete your Toggl tags. (Requires Timery Club)

Show Tag Names

Show tag names in saved timers and time entries instead of just a tag icon. (Requires Timery Club)

Copy Time Entry Details

When editing a time entry, copy the project, description, and tags from a recent time entry or a saved timer. (Requires Timery Club)


Start saved timers with one tap and check & stop your current time entry.

Siri Shortcuts

Have Siri start saved timers, check times logged today, and check & stop the current time entry. (iOS 12 required)


Timery has been featured on MacStories, AppStories, Connected, and Cortex.

“[Timery]’s very good. […It’s] one of the best app launches of the year in 2019. I mean it’s super awesome, and we all use it at MacStories.”

Federico Viticci, Connected

“[Timery] has really made a significant difference in how I’ve been tracking my time.”

Myke Hurley, Connected

“Timery is the app I’ve been looking for. It’s clean, it is simple, it is focused. It has a wonderful widget. You can set up a bunch of saved timers, and you can have them in the widget on the iPhone or on the iPad so you can just swipe over to the side and hit one of your favorite timers. Everything about it is so streamlined that it makes it so easy to input everything.”

Myke Hurley, Cortex

“…for flexible, frictionless time tracking, you can’t beat Timery. The app has been on my Home screen for months now and gets a workout seven days a week.”

“With saved timers, easy access to recent timers, a Today widget, and Siri shortcuts, Timery makes starting and stopping timers second nature. It’s so easy that I find myself using the app even if I’m working on my Mac and have Toggl’s web app open.”

John Voorhees, MacStories

“Timery has excellent integrations with Shortcuts, letting me start and stop timers as part of my automations without thinking.”

“It has made it much easier for me to track my time, because it is very simple to use – and in my case, it builds right into my shortcuts that I already use to launch a significant number of actions.”

Rosemary Orchard