Timery operates with a “your data is your data” policy. I don’t ever want apps to collect and sell my data, so I don’t collect and sell yours. Here’s how Timery handles certain personal data.

Timery uses your Toggl username and password or your Toggl API token to interface with the Toggl service. Your credentials are stored only in your device’s secure keychain.

Your saved timers are stored in iCloud to sync between your devices. This data is accessible on devices signed in with your Apple ID. Your saved timers are also stored along with your Toggl projects, tasks, tags, clients, and workspaces on the devices you use Timery on. This data is only stored on your device(s). Timery does not store or transmit your Toggl data outside your device(s), your iCloud account, and, of course, the Toggl service.

If you select to use automatic dark mode based on your location’s sunrise and sunset times, Timery uses your device’s current location (only if you grant permission) to calculate what times sunrise and sunset occur. Your location data is only used for this on-device calculation and nothing else.

By using Timery, you are, of course, subject to Toggl’s privacy policy.

Last Updated: 10 March 2020