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About Timery

Timery is a flexible, customizable time-tracking app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch that integrates with the Toggl time-tracking service.

Quickly start frequently-used timers, easily edit time entries, see reports of time tracked, and more—all from Timery’s apps, widgets, and Shortcuts actions.

Timery is a Toggl client that works with a free or paid Toggl Track account but is made independently by Joe Hribar.


Saved Timers
Save frequently-used timers and quickly start them.

Time Entries
Edit recent time entries, start duplicates, and add new ones.

Time Entry Suggestions
Select from suggested saved timers & recent time entries when starting or editing time entries.

See time tracked today, this week, & beyond with filtering & grouping options. Export as CSV, PDF, & PNG files.

Manage Projects & More
Edit Toggl projects, tasks, & tags and add new ones.

Customizable Widgets
Check the current time entry, start timers, and see time tracked with Home Screen and Lock Screen widgets.

Live Activities
Show the current time entry on the Lock Screen and in the Dynamic Island.

Shortcuts Actions
Start & stop time entries, check the current time entry, check time tracked, and more.

Mac Menu Bar App
See the current time entry in the menu bar with quick access to editing it, opening the app, and starting saved timers & recent time entries.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Start & stop time entries, edit the current time entry, navigate the app, and more.

Price and Availability

Timery is free to download and use on a limited basis: save up to four timers, manage the four latest time entries today (the rest are read-only), and edit the current time entry.

A $0.99/month or $9.99/year Timery Club subscription unlocks all the app’s functionality. The yearly subscription includes a free two-week trial.

Timery works on:
  • iOS & iPadOS 15 and higher
  • macOS Monterey and higher
  • watchOS 8 and higher

Current Version
Timery 1.5.2
Released: 9 March 2023

Original Release Dates
iPhone & iPad: 20 May 2019
Mac: 2 June 2021
Apple Watch: 1 June 2022


Timery is made by Joe Hribar in Los Angeles.
Email: app@timeryapp.com

Timery: @timery@indieapps.space
Joe: @joehribar@mastodon.social

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